Sunday, January 11, 2009

Princess Caroline's Career

Today, AOL news reported that “[Caroline]Kennedy, a lawyer and author, has spent much of her career maintaining the family legacy and working on civic efforts in New York, such as fundraising for public schools. She has written several books, including ‘The Right to Privacy,’ and ‘The Best-Loved Poems of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.’ “

One thing is for sure: the blogosphere and talk-radio are going to love her. She is a treasure-trove of material. Just look at all the neat stuff in these two sentences.

“…maintaining the family legacy…” What exactly does that mean? Marrying money?
Bootlegging? Getting a ghost-writer to write your book? Getting drunk and seducing young men? Getting drunk, seducing a young man, driving to a deserted beach in the middle of the night? Getting drunk and blubbering er, uh, er uh, er uh….? Getting drunk and committing rape or murder? Paying off people such as lawmakers and DAs? Wire-tapping civil rights leaders? Using her family name to advance her career? Earning approximately $0.0 of her personal wealth? Has any one else ever had the career of maintaining the family legacy? When I was a kid, no one ever told me that was a career option. Does maintaining the family legacy prepare one for the U.S. Senate? Come to think of it, it does.

“…fundraising for public schools…” Does that mean she is a property tax collector? In New York, her home state, public schools are funded by property taxes. In New York City, the cost per student is $14,119.00, the highest in the nation. Do they really need Caroline Kennedy to raise more funds? If she raises a lot of money for the schools, will they lower NYC property taxes ?

“…’The Right to Privacy’ “ I guess this book is a treatise on the Constitutional basis for the right to privacy. She had a co-author--surprise, surprise--named Ellen Alderman. The first chapter is about a case involving a strip search. There’s that family legacy again.

“…’The Best-Loved Poems of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.’ “ It must have been tough Xeroxing all those poems and sending them to her agent.

She does have one very positive and true qualification for being the junior senator from
New York: she is not Hillary Rodham Clinton.


RKL said...

Truthfully what were Clinton's qualifications to become Senator of New York? She hadn't lived there for any length of time that's for sure.

Back to Kennedy, imagine the ego she must have. She and others like her seem to think that running this country is some kind of joke, some thing you do when you're bored of being rich and never having to work. They feel it's owed to them, that they are a kind of royalty. If she wanted to have that senate spot why didn't she run for it against Clinton? But hey why work for something that they will give to you...?

Bafflegabbed said...

I'm not Caroline fan. I think it would be more helpful to my party if Patterson chose an upstate Dem, so we could finally get a solid hold up there. However, we should be fair about the public school funding thing. In New York City, not all of the money public schools see is from taxes. Because NYC routinely under-funds its schools, it runs a non-prof called the
Fund for Public Schools

Anonymous said...

Also not a Caroline fan. But, I can think of another family legacy, that hasn't exactly done me proud, and they aim to keep shamin', from what I understand. GeorgeI, GeorgeII, and if GeorgeI has his senile way, Jeb.

Desman said...

Touche, anonymous. But that's in the future, Princess Caroline is, er,uh,Now!