Monday, October 26, 2009


So, it is okay to dither about Afghanistan. By all means, Mr Obama, take your time responding to General McChrystal's request for troops. Nine or ten or twelve months of stagnation of our mission in Afghanistan is not important, as long as you get it right, right? By all means, let us wait while American soldiers are dying and the American taxpayer is going broke and the liberal American news media is going through such contortions to keep defending you that they will end up in a rehab hospital. Let us wait until there is a corruption-free government in Afghanistan, until Jimmy Carter certifies their elections are fair, until the Pakistanis clean up the Swat valley, until Ahmadinejad has a nuke. Dither away.

But health care reform? That, Mr. Obama, is an EMERGENCY. Heck, if you do not sign a health care bill by the end of the year, why, some democrat congressmen might not get re-elected in 2010! That would be a bloody shame. Never mind that not one single member of Congress or your administration understands the legislation; never mind that not one single government agency can produce a believable estimate of the cost of the thing; never mind that H.R. 3200 and the Baucus Bill were bought and paid for by the insurance industry, the SEIU, the hospitals and the Trial Lawyers Association; never mind that, a la Hillary Clinton, the whole process of creating the monstrosity has been cloaked in secrecy and politics. No dithering allowed on this.

Mr. Obama, one of the challenges of being President is knowing when to dither. You, my friend, have a lot of learning to do.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


WASHINGTON (Oct. 13) - The Pentagon is speeding up delivery
of a colossal bomb designed to destroy hidden weapons bunkers buried underground
and shielded by 10,000 pounds of reinforced concrete. (ANNE
GEARAN, AP, AOL News, 13 Oct. 2009

This is a slap in the face to the Nobel Prize Committee, or is it? Maybe the announcement about the MOP (massive ordnance penetrator) bomb was intentionally delayed until after the Obama became a Nobel Prize Winner.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

No Respect for Nobel Prize Winner Barack Hussein Obama

TEHRAN, Iran (Oct. 10) - Three defendants in Iran's mass trial of opposition figures accused of fueling the country's postelection unrest have been sentenced to death, an Iranian news agency reported Saturday. (Ali Akbar Dareini, AP, on AOL News, 10/10/09).

ZURICH (Oct. 10) - Turkey and Armenia signed an accord Saturday to establish diplomatic relations after a century of enmity, as U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton helped the two sides clear a last-minute snag. (Matthew Lee, AP, on AOL News, 10/10/09).

Ahmadinejad obviously has not heard the news that Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize. Does he not realize that we have now entered a new era of peace under the leadership of Barack Hussein Obama. After all, Obama has opened dialogue with the Iranians. How dare Ahmadinejad execute 3 protesters. It is a slap in the face to Nobel Prize winner Barack Hussein Obama.

And Hillary! What are you thinking, stealing the limelight from Nobel Prize winner Barack Hussein Obama. The nerve of you, actually accomplishing something within days of his prize and not giving him credit for it.

P.s. This is Hillary's first actual accomplishment, in case anyone is keeping track.

Friday, October 2, 2009

LIke Carter on Chemo

Previously, Jimmy Carter owned the gold medal for weakness in an American president. His only accomplishment was 4 years of stagflation, and he turned Iran over to the Ayatollahs who have been a thorn in everyone's side for 30 years. Weak, weak, weak. Yes, Jimmy Carter held the Olympic Gold for weakness for 30 years...until now.

I thought, when Obama and Vice President Oprah announced their trips to Copenhagen, that the vote was in the bag. After all, Presidents make sure of these things--they get their underlings, like Rahm "Iago" Emanuel , to do the behind the scenes work--so that they will not put their nation's prestige on the line and have it backfire. However, it appears that Obama was counting on the world's love for him to carry the day. But he was wrong about their love, and he was wrong about the outcome.

President Obama's mission since his inauguration has been to weaken America, financially, militarily, and diplomatically.


Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Simple Change of Address

By all means, let us reform health care in this country so that the federal government runs the whole enchilada, and not just Medicare. Here is a short story about my recent experience with Medicare that illustrates my point. In essence, this story is about reporting a change of address.

I am an ophthalmologist. I own a small solo practice in Orange County, NY. Recently, I decided to merge with another local practice, and I spent a year or so and about $15,000. in legal fees negotiating the contract (FYI, roughly 50% of those fees had to do with complying with state and federal regulations, and the other party's legal fees were even higher). We signed the contract in the first week of August, and the merger date was set for October 1. This gave us 2 months to get everything in order.

A big part of the preparations was informing Medicare of the merger, so that the new merged practice could be paid for my services. The idea is, Medicare has to know where each doctor sees patients, and where to send payments for services rendered. Currently, I see patients at one office, and payments are sent to the same address. The practice I am joining has 3 locations for examining patients, and one of those is the billing address.

Early in August we submitted, in triplicate, form CMS-855R, a 5 page document that notifies Medicare of a physician's change of status. 3 weeks later we received a 2 page rejection notice (also in triplicate), because a zip code had been left out of one of the addresses. So, I called Medicare, and had a lengthy conversation with a pleasant woman who walked me through the form step by step so that it would be completed correctly, and she assured me that that was all I had to do. Then, I resubmitted CMS-855R in triplicate. That's 36 pages so far, if you are keeping track.

Everything was going along just fine--just peachy--until Thursday, September 24, 2009. On that day, we received another 2 page rejection notice in triplicate, informing us that, although the triplicate CMS-855Rs were completed correctly, we were also required to submit CMS-855I, a 28 page enrollment form, and, by the way, resubmit new CMS-855Rs in triplicate. Page count: 85 total.

So, early Friday morning, I called Medicare again, and another very nice woman walked me through the CMS-855I. This took at least 30 minutes. She was very helpful. When she finished, she added, "do not forget the CMS-855B." "The what?" I said. She replied that the CMS-855B was to inform Medicare that I was merging with the other practice. The CMS-855B also must be submitted in triplicate.

The CMS-855B is 48 pages long and incomprehensible. So...
Friday afternoon, I called Medicare again, and spoke with another polite, but somewhat impatient government employee, and walked me through the 48 page form. I completed it as instructed, and, on Monday added these 144 pages to the stack and sent them by certified mail to Medicare, with a cover letter requesting expedited processing.
Total pages: 229
Total time: 4 or 5 hours of my time, 1.5 hours of Medicare employee time on the phone with me, 1 or 2 hours of staff time. Remember, all this is to change my address, and I do not yet know whether my forms have been accepted.

If I were a liberal, I would be outraged at the colossal waste of paper, the demise of trees, and at the carbon footprint of all this nonsense. But I am not a liberal, and I am outraged that our government wants to take over even more control of the health care system. This drama that I have been through proves to me that Medicare does not know how to process a change of address form, let alone run the nation's health care system.

Medicare was concocted by Congress, who also gave us the tax code. I believe that a change of billing and service addresses should require approximately 1 paper or web page, and should be easy to process by anyone with a middle school education, that is, by anyone who is SMARTER THAN CONGRESS.
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