Friday, May 21, 2010

What CEOs Make

"Lets see, what costs can I cut to keep premiums down????"

Just in case you were worried about insurance company executives, there's this from the AMA News, May 10, 2010:*
CEO salaries for 2009:

Ronald Williams, Aetna: $18,058,162.

H. Edward Hanway, Cigna: $18,818,467.

Allen F. Wise, Coventry: $17,427,789.

Jay Gellert, Health Net: $3,643,342.

Michael McCallister, Humana: $6,509,452.

Stephen Hemsley, United: $8,901,916.

Angela Braly, Wellpoint: $13,108,198.

I feel sorry for poor Jay Gellert. How can he even show his face at an insurance company ceo party? Does he even get an invitation?

Mind you, I am a good conservative. I do not object to obsce--I mean, high--salaries. I am sure every penny is earned, and I am sure they make every effort to keep our premiums down.

*"Health plan gains bring higher pay packages for CEOs" Bob Cook, AMA News.
Photo of Ronald Williams, Aetna CEO, AP.