Friday, May 21, 2010

What CEOs Make

"Lets see, what costs can I cut to keep premiums down????"

Just in case you were worried about insurance company executives, there's this from the AMA News, May 10, 2010:*
CEO salaries for 2009:

Ronald Williams, Aetna: $18,058,162.

H. Edward Hanway, Cigna: $18,818,467.

Allen F. Wise, Coventry: $17,427,789.

Jay Gellert, Health Net: $3,643,342.

Michael McCallister, Humana: $6,509,452.

Stephen Hemsley, United: $8,901,916.

Angela Braly, Wellpoint: $13,108,198.

I feel sorry for poor Jay Gellert. How can he even show his face at an insurance company ceo party? Does he even get an invitation?

Mind you, I am a good conservative. I do not object to obsce--I mean, high--salaries. I am sure every penny is earned, and I am sure they make every effort to keep our premiums down.

*"Health plan gains bring higher pay packages for CEOs" Bob Cook, AMA News.
Photo of Ronald Williams, Aetna CEO, AP.

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RKL said...

I work in a global company. We have over thirty thousand employees working all over the world. I've seen four or five CEOs in my 12+ years. The one we have now is excellent, he has totally changed the focus and the energy of the company. There is alot of responsibility and pressure to be the top dog when so many people's interests are on the line.

Sure it can be argued that their salaries are inflated but there are many companies that go down the toilet every day. I'd rather work under a good one, and in the United States, that costs money.

P.S. Although it doesn't help my argument, our CEO makes less than one million dollars a year.