Friday, October 2, 2009

LIke Carter on Chemo

Previously, Jimmy Carter owned the gold medal for weakness in an American president. His only accomplishment was 4 years of stagflation, and he turned Iran over to the Ayatollahs who have been a thorn in everyone's side for 30 years. Weak, weak, weak. Yes, Jimmy Carter held the Olympic Gold for weakness for 30 years...until now.

I thought, when Obama and Vice President Oprah announced their trips to Copenhagen, that the vote was in the bag. After all, Presidents make sure of these things--they get their underlings, like Rahm "Iago" Emanuel , to do the behind the scenes work--so that they will not put their nation's prestige on the line and have it backfire. However, it appears that Obama was counting on the world's love for him to carry the day. But he was wrong about their love, and he was wrong about the outcome.

President Obama's mission since his inauguration has been to weaken America, financially, militarily, and diplomatically.



RKL said...


At least now the rest of the world likes us again...wasn't that the plan?

Desman said...

Our best buddies: Hugo, Mahmoud, Vladimir

The Conservative Lady said...

And now Pres. Obama has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. I supposed it's for his cowering before the world, apologizing for America, showing weakness, planning on giving up our nukes and working hard to lose the war.


on a scale of 1 to 10 I give him a negative 30. I can't wait to see what the Obama three ring circus does next.

Desman said...

Obama is a member of an exclusive fraternity including Carter, Gore, and ARAFAT

you people are batty. said...

Yeah! High fives all around!