Friday, March 20, 2009

More Man-made Pollution, Tongan Style

The following is an excerpt from an article written by Stefan Anitei, entitled "Antarctic Ice Depicts How Volcanic Eruptions Could Influence Global Warming," and published on Softpedia, January 8, 2007:

Volcanic eruptions are more than a light show for
us or a disaster for people living nearby.

When volcanic gases only reach the lower atmosphere,
the effectsare local and for a short term, because
the material is wiped out by the rain. But eruptions
that reach higher, up to the stratosphere, can
have a global impact. "In the stratosphere,
sulfur dioxide that was originally in the magma
gets oxidized and forms droplets of sulfuric acid,"
said Joel Savarino, a researcher at the University
of California, San Diego, theNational Center for
Scientific Research (CNRS) and the University of

The satellite photo shown above is of the Tongan region of the Pacific Ocean from 2006. Looks like Tonga is putting out a lot of soot. Now, there has been another volcanic explosion there.
The output from the recent explosion looks to be equivalent to the exhaust from 3 or 4 SUVs. So, I was wondering, do they have Cap and Trade in Tonga to protect Americans from Tongan carbon pollution? If, on the other hand, the volcanic cloud results in global cooling, the Tongans should get a credit, should they not?


akates said...

What?? Is it a man-made volcano? Cool.

Desman said...

No, its not man made; but I wonder if the statists that run Congress nowadays think that the government can control global warming or cooling caused by volcanoes.

Bafflegabbed said...

That's a funny post. But it would disturb me if a few SUV's equaled the soot output of an entire volcano.

akates said...

I repeat: Global warming is only one of many reasons to attempt to control pollution. Pollution is called pollution because it pollutes: our lungs, the food we eat, the water we drink, not to mention that it messes with entire ecosystems. Global warming or not, why would we rather have cars/factories/homes etc. that make things dirty, when we can have cars/factories/homes etc. that don't? I like nature, Desman, and I know you do too.

Glenn said...

I'm gonna have to go with Bafflegabbaged here and guess that even 4 Hummers wouldn't match the soot output of a volcano.

enviroweenie said...

Quiet, Glenn and Bafflegabbed. Just one Hummer emits the soot output of, even, ten Mount Vesuvii. It's a fact.

Desman said...

Finally, someone who gets it. Thank you, enviroweenie, for your comment.