Monday, October 20, 2008

Biden Slidin'

Yesterday, Bafflegabbed posted a blog titled "Palin Failin'."   He took issue with her use of the phrase "pro-American areas of the country."    Apparently, she said she was referring to patriotic small towns.   It turns out that Joe ("Joe the Politician") Biden has an unusual concept of patriotism as well.  Sarah Palin thinks patriotism resides in small towns .   Joe thinks that patriotism means  paying taxes.   And Barack (Baruch?)  Obama thinks patriotism means spreading the wealth.   I think they are all wrong.   I do not know the exact definition of patriotism, but I know a patriot when I see one.    John McCain is a patriot.

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Bafflegabbed said...

Other people who were patriots: Mel Gibson, Joseph McCarthy, Dan Quayle, Lyndon Johnson, Herbert Hoover, and last but not least, Benedict Arnold.

Everyone who makes it far in politics is a "patriot." They all think it's a testament to the greatness of America that they got where they are.

Fortunately, patriotism has almost nothing to do with being a good president. Every single person who has ever run for president, with the possible exception of Zachary Taylor, has expected that he would be the best President ever.

They all crave the legacy of having helped America achieve great things.