Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Three Wise Men

Here is the answer to yesterday's riddle.

Q:  What's the difference between Teddy Kennedy, O.J., and Bill Ayers?

A:  Not much.  There are definitely similarities, however.  (1) Each of them, through intent or negligence,   cause the unlawful death of an innocent victim.  Notice, I am being careful not to call Teddy Kennedy and O.J. murderers.   The courts have ruled on that question.   (2)  Each of them got away with mur--oops, there's that word again.   Each of them got away with his crime, got away scott free.   Teddy Kennedy bought his way out of an indictment.  O.J. bought his way out of a conviction.   Bill Ayers bought himself prosecutorial misconduct.   

The  only differences I can think of are: (1) Teddy killed one person (Mary Jo Kopechne);   O.J. killed two (Ron and Nicole);   Ayers killed several, including 2 police officers and his own girlfriend, among others. (2) Ayers was a coward.  He had his flunkies make the bombs, plant them, and set them off.   At least O.J. had the cojones to do his own dirty work.  (3)  O.J. and Teddy Kennedy caused very little property damage.  Ayers cause hundreds of thousands of dollars worth, at least, and has never paid back one red cent.

One last difference.   O.J. has led a life of shame since his crime, and finally is going to jail.
The other two, because they are big democrat/liberals, have lived cushy, outwardly respectable lives.  But I wonder if the money, prestige and power can ever erase their shame.

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Bafflegabbed said...

Question: What's the difference between Barack Obama, Walter Annenberg (U.S. Ambassador to Britain under Nixon, a Republican who was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom (our nation's highest honor) by Ronald Reagan), and Henry S. Bienen, Northwestern University's President (who happens to be a Republican)?

Answer: Not much, they all served on the same School Reform Board with Ayers. What did this dasterdly motley crew plot? The very thing Palin, Bush and McCain fear most...quality education for inner-city youths.