Wednesday, December 24, 2008

2 Birds With One Stone

Q: What do you get when you kill 2 chickens with 1 stone?

A: Food for thought.

Here's a way to solve 2 socioeconomic problems with 1 stone. Problem Number One: thanks to the recession--some have called it the worst economic crisis since the FDR's Great Depression, but I think the Carter stagflation era was worse than the 2008 recession--we have higher than normal unemployment. Problem Number Two: thanks to our government's unwillingness to protect our borders, we continue to have illegal immigration.

Well, here is something that would solve both problems: all those unemployed Americans should go to work on farms, in restaurants, and for landscaping companies. Unemployment would plummet, and since there would be no jobs for them, the illegals would stop coming here!

Food for thought.


RKL said...

They will self deport and stop coming if the correct changes are made. The border fence is the first start, then dry up the jobs for illegals, by punishing those who hire them and deporting the illegals that are found.

It's a joke here in my home town in Texas. Right across the street from the county courthouse is a "day labor" location. It's highly unlikely that any of the many men who wait there for work are legal and the funny thing is that the city paid to have benches and sun shades installed for them. It doesn't seem that keeping illegals from working is much of a priority does it?


Anonymous said...

Illegal is an adjective, not a noun. Ironic that the "speak English" crowd can't seem to figure that one out.

RKL said...

Dear Anonymous,

Your second sentence is incomplete.


Anonymous said...

or is it?

Bafflegabbed said...

Ah, conservatives. They are always so preoccupied with those dreaded "illegals" and their salsa music.

Or is it sauce?

What a quandary this recession must present conservatives. It turns out the U.S. is seeing a drop in illegal immigration, due to the recession.

A question: would you rather fix the economy or see a continued decrease in immigration?

It's a tough choice, whether to throw the stone at the bird or the pájaro next to it.

Desman said...

I, for one, would rather see a drop in illegal immigration. I do not want the Government to fix the economy. The economy will fix itself, better and faster, if left to its own devices. As for government, they are all broke: federal, states (eg, cal., NY, and NJ). if we had fewer illegals, the states budgets might have a prayer of getting balanced, because medicaid, welfare, and prison costs would drop. i am a physician, and i take care of many illegals (thats a noun, by the way), and I like them, and I feel sorry for them: They have a pretty miserable existence in the U.S., but that is because they are here ILLEGALLY. Get it, ILLEGALLY. You wanna work here? Go home, apply to INS to come here legally, then, come back. We will welcome you with open arms.

Bafflegabbed said...

Or, since they are actually vital to the strength of our country, make it easier for them to work here.