Friday, December 12, 2008

Kudos to Kongress

The price of petrol in suburban New York has finally dipped below $2.00/gallon.  Time to go buy me another Hummer.   But seriously, all praise is due to the geniuses in Congress who rescued us from $4.00 a gallon gas;   and thanks to President Bush and King Henry (Paulson) for their part in this process.  I knew that bailing out AIG, and buying up all those risky subprime mortgages would do the trick.   Those evil oil barons must have been shaking in their boots when they  stared into the steely eyes of Charles "Chuck" Schumer, and "Dirty" Harry Reid.     Now, whenever I fill up, I think fondly of our fearless leaders on Capitol Hill (see list on the right side of this page) and in the White House.   They have shown that they have the power to take care of us in these troubled times.   Thank God they did not leave us in the hands of market forces.

But wait, I just thought of something.   The price of gas really started to plummet after the election.   Maybe its the messiah--I mean, the Obama--who is responsible for our fuel savings.
Lets all say a prayer of thanks to Him, also.

Barack atah adonai....

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