Friday, February 13, 2009

Porky and Harry


In another bit of liberal condescension, my senator, Charles E. Schumer, referred to those who object to the economic bailout bill as the "chattering class." Then he went on to say that the American People do not care about the "porky amendments" in the bailout bill. Few things irk me more than a politician--especially a self-serving liar like Chuck Schumer--saying what the American people want, or care about, or think; or what we expect from our fearless leaders in Washington. But I am proud to be included in the "chattering class." We chatterers are American citizens exercising our First Amendment rights. Chuck would just LOVE it if we could be shut up. That is why this boondoggle of a bailout bill, this blatant purchase of political power, has been kept secret right up to the eleventh hour, when it is too late to do anything about it. That is why, on a daily basis, democrat after democrat demagogues the so-called fairness doctrine. That is why Obama is misappropriating the Census Bureau to the executive branch, where Rahmbo will have control of it.

Chuck Schumer is one of those democrats who objected to the rush to war after 9/11. It was a year and a half after 9/11 before President Bush ordered the invasion of Iraq. The Obama has been president for what, three weeks, and we must pass this bill now! Even 48 hours of delay is too much. Why? Because the chattering classes and work-a-day Americans might actually learn what is in it if they wait too long. Thus we begin the new era of openness, honesty, and transparency in our federal government.

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