Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Obama Passes the Test

During the presidential campaign, Senator Biden predicted that the new president would be tested early in his reign.   The test has now occurred, and I am pleased to report that President Obama has passed with flying colors.

The clever test, the launch of an ICBM by North Korea,  was  developed by former members of the axis of evil  (I say former members, because the axis of evil does not exist any more, by presidential edict).   These include North Korea, of course, China, and Iran.   Perhaps the Russians had some input as well.  They launched this non-satellite-bearing missile over one of our closest allies, Japan; this was an intentionally provocative act.
And how did our tall, dark and handsome President respond?   He turfed the problem to the Security Council of the United Nations, so that the "global regime" could address the situation.
We all know what the UN will do:  nothing.  Even if a resolution with teeth were concocted in the Security Council, China would veto it.   

The reason the test was so clever is that now the axis members know what to expect from Obama:   words.    They now know that they are free to test ICBMs,  produce and test nuclear weapons, and threaten American allies, like Japan, Taiwan, Israel, Iraq, India, etc.   The are free because our response will be words.   America, formerly a beacon of freedom for the downtrodden of the world, is now working to bring freedom to brutal tyrants, communists, and islamofascists the world over.

So, why do I say he passed the test?  Because the test was administered by our enemies,   and as far as they are concerned, he passed with flying colors.   Also, he passed in the eyes of his political supporters, because anything that smacks of appeasement, that weakens America, that makes us seem less arrogant and more like the Europeans, that increases the threat to Israel and our other allies in the region--anything he does that works toward these goals is AOK with the democrats and their axis--I mean, allies--at home.

"Global regime"  source:  Jonathan Martin and  David S. Cloud,  "Obama Calls for World 'Without Nukes' " Politico.com, 4/5/09


akates said...

What are you talking about? What should he have done? Shot it down? Desman, none of this makes any sense. It's just a rant.

Also, an axis, by definition, has only two points, so the expression coined by our ex-grammarian of a president was inconsistent to begin with.

Publius said...

Desman - great post. I love it that you got under some liberals skin.

Just a parting shot - Contrary to akates thinking, while an axis does indeed have a beginning and an end "point", it does not "by-definitioin" have only 2 points. 2 points may make a basket, but it does not make an axis.

When I grew up on the farm we used axes all over the place and it is hard to use them to chop stuff if they only had 2 points. They had at least a handle, a head, a tip, a blade. Sorry for making such sharp comments - I could not help myself.

Sheesh, and we wonder where how Orwellian-speak could ever come to be.

akates said...

Hey, Pube. There's a difference between "Orwellian Speak," and proper english. Hi-larious joke, though. I'm totally ROLF.

And, ps, Pube, Desman did not get "under my skin." He simply didn't make any sense. I must be different from you in that I'd genuinely like to hear an argument different from my own. It is for this reason that I was requesting that Desman be more clear, and specific and less ranty in his posts because I respect his intelligence and opinion, when it it opined in a thoughtful manner. I don't solely value the ideas/opinions of liberals, just as I don't systematically discount those of republicans. I simply try to filter out the pubes.

Er, uh, pardon my Orwellian "French." Sorry, Desman - I, too, could not help myself.

Glenn said...

I thought it was a pretty good post. I would remind desman and publius though that North Korea garnered their ability to launch a missile 3 times farther than they ever had before during the Bush administration. During that period we were too busy making sure not to appease Saddam, thereby creating a shiite dominated government in Iraq and ensuring Iran could have influence over one more country (http://www.payvand.com/news/09/jan/1030.html).

akates said...


watch the video - pay particular attention to the last two minutes, or so.

Glenn said...

Charles Krauthammer is plagiarizing desman: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2009/04/09/AR2009040903367.html?hpid=opinionsbox1