Friday, April 10, 2009

How Much is a Captain Worth?

The Somali pirates--Rush Limbaugh has dubbed them maritime organizers--are asking for $2000000. and safe passage in exchange for hostage Richard Phillips, captain  of the Maersk Alabama.  So, the pirates are now kidnappers as well.   How do we deal with the pirates?   That used to be an easy question, butnow, it turns out,  it is a thorny one.  Consider these excerpts from recent news:

The Royal Navy, once the scourge of brigands on the high seas, has been told by the Foreign Office not to detain pirates because doing so may breach their human rights. (Marie Woolf, TimesOnline 13 Apr., 2008)

The U.S. Navy says it is holding 16 suspected pirates it captured off the coast of Somalia aboard a warship while awaiting orders to move the suspects to Kenya for prosecution.  The agreement to hand over suspected pirates to Kenya was reached last month between the U.S. and Kenyan governments.  But, the agreement has raised questions and concern from a leading human rights group.  (Alisha Ryu, 13 Feb., 2009)

In 1815, when the United States led the world in crushing the pirates off the Barbary Coast, retribution was swift and final. They either went down with their ships, were executed on the spot or they were taken back to England or Jamaica for trial where they were usually hanged and left dangling on posts along piers as a deterrent to others. (Thomas Rose,, 5 Feb., 2009)

If, somehow, we capture these individuals, how will the Obama Justice Department and Attorney General Eric Holder, handle them?   We know it will become a Justice Department matter, because they have already sent the FBI to negotiate with the pirates.   By all means, President Obama, make sure that the rights of the pirates are protected.  We can not send them to Somalia, where they might have their hands or heads cut off (Sharia law);   we can not send them to Kenya, because it might anger Prime Minister Gordon Brown;  we can not send them to Gitmo, where they would get 3 Halal meals a day and a copy of the Quran, because we are shutting Gitmo down;  so it looks like they will have to go to Rikers Island,  so they can make a plea bargain and be out on the street in a couple of years.  

My solution is the 1815 solution:  rescue the captain,  kill the pirates.   Don't you long for the good old days?

Photo credit: Talbot/AP


Desman said...

I see the President has been reading my blog, and I am flattered he followed my advice.

akates said...

You're right, Desman. Human rights laws are bad. Iranian women learn their lessons the hard way when they break the law, right? Why shouldn't everybody? In that ideal 1815, you describe, slaves in the good 'ol U. S. of A. did too. It's really the most practical and ideal way to keep people in line. Also, who came up with Habeas Corpus, anyway? I mean, the term isn't even English, so what's it doing in our constitution? Who speaks Latin anymore? It was probably some damned European what done come up with it. Ridiculous! Un American!

Bafflegabbed said...

Desman, the President totally followed your advice. Does that mean he is smarter than congress as well?

Desman said...

If he's reading my blog, then yes, he is. But, as you know, it is not saying much to be smarter than congress.

Desman said...

Regarding human rights, I am all for them. I just wish our government was more concerned about Americans rights than the rights of terrorists, enemy combatants, pirates and the like. To understand the aggressive attitude that the Obama administration takes towards Americans that do not agree with him, or are not useful to him, read this article and the Homeland Security document that it is about:

I qualify as one of the people that they consider a threat, since I am pro states rights (10th amendment), pro gun ownership rights (2nd amendment), mostly pro-life, favor a strong American foreign policy, a strong American military, and am opposed to appeasement and apologizing for American strenth and success. I also publish a conservative oriented blog; might I be in Homeland Security's crosshairs? No. That's just paranoid, right?

akates said...

Desman, no offense, but nobody's threatened by you. They're threatened by, maybe, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilley, Glenn Beck, Ann Coulter, etc......ever notice how all conservative talk shows are hosted by hard core christians? Doesn't it bother you that they constantly refer to your country as a Christian nation?

And, remember the Patriot Act?

And, remember how the funerals of American soldiers killed in Iraq War combat were not allowed to be made public until just a few weeks ago (Israel shows real images of war and death on its news stations, ps). Concealing the truth is as much propaganda as anything else.

I agree that this DHS report is silly, but you don't see Fox News going away, do you? Talk about propaganda! You, and this Michelle Malkin character are probably the only two people in this country to have read/considered this report.

Why are you conservatives so against a good standing for this country in the rest of the world? Why do you all assume that if everybody else hates us, it must be because we're better than they are? Americans did not invent democracy, you know, nor have we perfected it. What's wrong with diplomacy?
How can America hope to "spread democracy" while breaking its own rules, i.e., the right of the accused to stand trial in an impartial court of law? i.e., innocent until proven guilty?

2nd amendment: most democrats are not against the right to bear arms, per se (I am, but I'm an extremist pacifist), they're just in favor of gun control. To me, this means: sure, an american citizen with no criminal record, who has passed some kind of mental health screening should be able to own a hand gun, or a hunting rifle (forgive me, I'm not up on my gun terminology). He should no, however, be allowed to own an ak47, or an entire arsenal of weapons. And, perhaps, he should be required to learn how to use a gun - you know, like a road test - before he is allowed his gun license. The US has the highest homicide rate of any First world country. In England, nobody is allowed to own a gun - not even a cop - and their homicide rate is one of the lowest. But, that must just be because Europeans are not as badass as Americans.

Pro-life: Well, whatever. Good for you. That's your opinion, but the issue as it is generally presented by conservatives, is unconstitutional in that it is religious.

akates said...

sorry that was so long.....who knew I had so much to say?

Bafflegabbed said...

Wait wait wait, Michelle Malkin? That's a new low Desman.

Next you'll be quoting Michelle Bachman.

akates said...

bafflegabbed......who's this Michelle Malkin? Is she really bad - is she another Ann Coulter, or something? Should I not even have given her the time of day?

The time of day is currently: 1:54pm

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday, Desman!

Publius said...

Your 1815 solution sounds pretty good.

Desman said...

Akates: The Patriot Act. I dont see Obama and his Congress (you know, Chuck U. Schumer, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi) rushing to revoke the Patriot Act. What's that all about? I dont think they want to wiretap terrorist phone calls, the way Bush and Cheney did. In fact, Obama does not even think there are terrorists. So whom does he want to wiretap? Those dangerous right-wing American Citizens, no doubt.