Monday, June 22, 2009

Lessons Learned from Liners*

My swimming pool is a font of knowledge.   Just from taking care of this financial sink-hole in my back yard I am achieving greater and greater understanding of envirnonmentalism and what it is doing to us.   Perhaps you have read my blog "The True Cost of Global Warming," which explains the impact of the CO2 scare on our every day lives through the story of one small ingredient of pool water, namely, lithium hypochlorite.  

In this essay, I reveal the sheer stupidity of  envirofascist involvement in the vinyl liner industry.

This morning, I had a pool guy over to fix my filter, and fix it he did.   As he was leaving, I asked him for a quote on a new liner.  The existing liner is at least 20 years old, and is ready for hospice care.   He told me a standard liner would be around $3600.00,   and an extra thick liner around $4600.   "What's the benefit of the thicker liner?" I asked naively.

He replied, sagely, "When your liner was installed, the expected life span was around 20 years.  But since then, new regulations have outlawed used of certain anti-algae chemicals in the liner,  because the chemicals can get into the environment when the liner is discarded;  and there are all kinds of rules and regulations and red tape regarding removal and recycling of used liners.  The problem is," he continued, "that removing the chemicals reduces the life span to about 10 years.   So, you might want to consider getting the thicker [more expensive] liner."

What does this mean for me, and what does it mean for the environment?   For me, it means an extra thousand bucks.   Mucho dineros.  'Scarole.  10 Benjamins.  Cha-ching!   For the environment:   it means less algaecide, BUT TWICE AS MANY LINERS HAVE TO BE MANUFACTURED AND DISCARDED!   Do the math,  environmentalists.     

*Apologies for the title to Athol Fugard, author of "Lessons Learned from Aloes."


RightKlik said...

Environmentalists are making us all poor. If they have their way, we will become a 3rd world country.

Bafflegabbed said...

Sounds like the pool guy is out to scam you. Is the pool lining industry literally the only industry in America that has not progressed technologically in 20 years?

Desman said...

Bafflegabbed: it has regressed technologically thanks to government regulations.