Wednesday, May 20, 2009

True Cost of Global Warming

Last week I opened my pool.  (The water is extremely cold, since you ask). I went to the local pool supply to  buy some shock, which is a chemical that is used to chlorinate the water.    I use lithium shock, and the chemical name is lithium hypochlorite.    The price for 25 pounds of the stuff was $140.00.  Two years ago, it cost around $75-80.   I asked the clerk why the price went up.  He said the supply of lithium is shrinking, because they are using more and more of it for car batteries.   These car batteries to store power for hybrid cars;   hybrid cars are becoming popular because of last year's spike in gasoline prices, and because of hysteria about global warming, so the lithium shortage is only going to get worse.   Eventually, it will affect more that just swimming pool shock.   Eventually, it will drive up the price of hybrid cars.  Also, is there an ecologically sound way of disposing of those batteries?

Bottom line for me:  soon I will not be able to afford to keep my freezing cold pool clear, and all because of global warming.


RKL said...

I buy my shock at Wal Mart. I guess you could say I buy Chinese shock. They seem to make everything.

Desman said...

I'm shocked.