Monday, May 11, 2009

Obama Lite

It appears Colin Powell may be running for President again.   I thought he was retired, but he keeps putting his $.02 into the Republican debate, and, if you ask me thats what his opinion is worth.   According to Michael J. Sniffen (AOL News, 11 May 2009),
Powell has argued the Republican Party needs to move toward the center and reach out to growing black, Hispanic and Asian communities, but instead has been shrinking because it hasn't changed as the country changed in the face of economic distress. "Americans are looking for more government in their life, not less," Powell said last week.

If this is not Obama-politik, I will eat my hat.   I, for one, do not want more government in my life, and I know a lot of people, some of them liberal, who do not want more government in their lives.     There was a time when Powell  came across as a pretty good conservative, but that persona is gone now.   Clearly, he sees Obama as a brother, a soul-mate, and the philosophical bond between the two outweighs  Powell's allegiance to Constitutional limitations on government power.

I would paraphrase Powell's arguement as follows:  the Republican Party needs to stay on the right and reach out to growing black, Hispanic and Asian communities.


GK said...


Parroting Rush again I see.

OK, I get it: Powell - a 4 star general - only supports Obama because he's black. So what about these white guys?:

-Scott McClellan (Press secretary for W)
-Chuck Hagel (Nebraska R)
-Ken Duberstein (Reagan chief of staff)
-Christopher Buckley (National Review)

Cody Fairberg said...

What services does the government provide that you think it shouldn't? How much do you think could be saved by cutting these services? How much do you think it would cost to provide equivalent services privately and what would the savings be? What would the consequences of not providing these services if the private sector did not provide them? It's fine to be for less government in theory, but deciding what and where to cut is too difficult to simply take for granted that it should be done.

Desman said...

Cody: thanks for your comments. Right now, it is not about cutting anything, its about not having an annual budget deficit of $1.8 trillion, and thats before Obama takes over health care. Instead of cutting, how about simply not expanding the intrusion of the federal government into our every day lives. See my next blog.

GK: I know a lot of "white guys" who support Obama. I did not say Powell supports Obama because he is black. You said that. I happen to think Powell supports obama because they are both liberals. Liberalism infects all races equally.