Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Suggested Reading for Barack

I strongly recommend Yertle the Turtle, by Dr. Seuss, to President Obama. No, this is not a macaca moment. Yertle is an allegorical figure, the king of Sala-ma-sond pond. As king, he becomes enamored of his own power; and he checks the Sala-ma-sond constitution, and, lo and behold, it says that the king is master of everything he can see. The more he can see, the more power accrues to him. So he commands the turtles to stack themselves higher and higher while he stays on top. Finally, Yertle, standing on a Freedom Tower of turtles, is so high that only the Moon is above his head; that is when the bottom of the stack, all those abused turtle-citizens that have propped him up at great personal expense, have a sort of revolution and bring him down.

Similarly, Barack Yertle Obama has been building his stack on the backs of others, many of them Obama supporters in the recent election. Examples include: Rick Wagoner, Jake Tapper, hedge fund managers, Yoo Bybee and Bradbury, any one who works on Wall Street, etc. Like King Yertle, President Obama lusts for power, for himself and his party. When that lust gets out of control, and it has, it will ultimately lead to his downfall. All we need is for someone at the bottom of the stack to sneeze. God bless you.


Brian Wolfe said...

Or is it that he was left a mess of an unprecedented magnitude and that the solutions are of an equal awful magnitude. Obama wanted to be working on national health care and easing the burden on the middle class. Instead his predecessors have burdened him with the worst economic crisis since the depression and two wars. There a few reputable economists who recommend not only the newly created debt but anticipate another trillion dollars worth of debt to get out of the quagmire he found himself in. Obama is using the power the people have given him to correct Bush's mess. That is what the majority want him to do and 60% of the electorate believe he is doing a good job.
Those enraged by the new debt live in a fairytale land that does not look to the crushing costs of the alternatives. The economy is limping along it could have and still might crumble without the added capital. Once the foundations of the economy are shored up we can address the crushing debt. You can blame Obama if you want but the truth is his predecessors back to Reagan set up this debacle in motion with deregulation. That only created a wider gap between rich and poor with Bush as its greatest champion. Obama and the electorate will correct these excesses. Fairness will return despite the whimpering of the rich.

Bafflegabbed said...

By far my favorite Seuss book. Unfortunately, Yertle is much more like W than O. Sorry.

RKL said...

The "mess of unprecedented magnitude" was first of all nothing of the sort. Second, look to the people who caused the housing problem, they are the same people who are currently "correcting" that problem. That would be Barney Frank among others.

This massive increase in the size of the Federal government is only going to make things worse. If you can't see that yet, just wait, it will take less then 10 years. I submit to you Sir that those people who think we can deficit spend out of a economic downturn are seriously mistaken. That's the kind of thinking that kept the great depression going for so long.

As for your comment about the electorate, 60% of the people in this country can't think critically. That's independent of the president in office and not something to site as a proof that the correct decisions are being made.


Desman said...

My blog had nothing to do with the recession or Obama's deficit spending. It was about building a power base on the backs of law-abiding American citizens. The list of names I gave is only the tip of the iceberg (pardon the cliche). We now live in a country where lawyers get persecuted for writing an opinion, where corporate CEOs are fired b y politicians, not by boards of directors, where jounalists who dare to question the wisdom of those in power become scapegoats, where people with Ron Paul bumper stickers may be profiled by state police as dangerous individuals. The same government that is clamping down on the loyal opposition at home extends its hand in friendship to terrorist organizations (Hamas), petty and brutal dictators (Chavez and Castro), and self-described enemies of our country and our culture (Ahmadinejad). Sound paranoid? It is paranoid.

But ask yourself this: when are they going to repeal the Patriot Act? The Patriot Act was decried in unambiguous terms by President Bush's opponents when it was enacted, and they tried several times to repeal it. Why don't they repeal it now? To me, that is a test of the sincerity of Obama, Schumer, Reid, Pelosi, et al.

Desman said...

Brian, when you say "a few reputable economists" does that mean Nobel Prize Winner Paul Krugman?
A blithering idiot if ever there was one.