Friday, May 29, 2009

Obama to Press: Get Lost

The Press has been in Obama's camp since day one. They must think that he is their friend. I beg to differ, and so does Brenda Lee, a black female reporter who has the audacity to oppose so-called gay marriage, whatever that is. I guess she gets the Clarence Thomas treatment, i.e., it does not matter what your skin color is, what your profession is, what your walk of life is; if you do not tow the statist--formerly known as liberal--party line, you are to be ousted from the fraternity. That, apparently, is the President's stand. Brenda Lee learned that hard way that Barack Obama is no friend of hers.

Photo credit: Nick Ut/AP


Cody Fairberg said...

Gay marriage is marriage between a man and a man or a woman and a woman. It is otherwise like any other marriage. I hope that clears up your misunderstanding.

Brenda Lee claims to be a priestess for the Catholic church, which does of course not have a priestesses. Reporters don't have and shouldn't unlimited access to the president.

She was probably harmless but this interview and other information make her seem at least sort of crazy.

Desman said...

I'm sure the treatment she received was richly deserved, dont you???? Its Obama at work. Get used to it.

akates said...

Why are you against gay marriage, out of curiosity?

Pick one/some:

1. The New Testament
2. The Old Testament
3. Heterosexual marriages have such a high success rate and you fear gay marriage will tarnish their revered reputation.
4. Bigotry
5. Gay marriage has an affect on your life in some way (please expound)
6. Just following the pack
7. Just following Obama/Biden, who also do not support gay marriage
8. All of the above
9. Other (please expound)

Desman said...

I didnt say I am against gay marriage. What I am against is prejudice and bigotry. The treatment this woman got because of her views is unconscionable.
Imagine if Pres. Bush had had an anti-war protester carried out the way Obama had this middle aged black woman thrown out (literally) by his thugs. The liberal, aka statist, is actually the most intolerant variety of human, despite his propaganda to the contrary, because he is intolerant of IDEAS contrary to his own.
Woe be to anyone--white, black, latino, straight, gay,etc-- who dares to disagree with a statist in a position of power.

akates said...

I'm glad that you're not against gay marriage, though your quip "so-called gay marriage, whatever that is," is a bit misleading.

Whether or not Lee's treatment was appropriate, I highly doubt it was at Obama's direct command that his "thugs" threw her out. He wasn't even there when it happened.

Furthermore, notice, they're at the airport. Lee,a religious zealot, wanted to hand the president of the United States a sealed envelope (hey, remember anthrax?), and security, rightly, wouldn't let her. They asked her to leave, and she refused, so she had to be carried outside. The same would happen to you if you tried to give a sealed envelope to someone at the airport. National security, remember? Terrorists....they're t-t-t-terrifying, and they're everywhere.,0,4115079.story